Welcome to the IDS Blog

Welcome to the Innovative Defensive Solutions blog. Day one of blogging, I guess to start out we should tell you a little bit about IDS, LLC. I created Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC in 2004 after I started working at the NRA Range HQ in Fairfax where I was/am employed as an RSO. I started with NRA First Steps Pistol & Basic Pistol Courses as well as doing One-on-One Lessons for people interested in becoming better marksmen and defensive shooters. Over the years as I have worked on other discipline ratings as an instructor and I have added courses to increase the IDS offerings. About 2 years ago, my now Business Partner (Dave Kirchgessner) and I started brainstorming on what we wanted in the future and what we thought we could accomplish in the realm of firearms and self-defense courses. We started mapping out our goals and realized that we had the same ideas and passion for teaching Self Defense, Pistol Marksmanship, Concealed Carry of a Firearm, Non-Lethal Methods of Self – Defense, Advanced Firearm Training, Instructor Development, Situational Awareness, and Crime Prevention. So as you have probably figured out now….we decided to partner up and offer the highest level of training that we could offer at a reasonable cost and impress upon our students the value of quality training. Our main goal is to give our students options to defend themselves in the event that they would ever have to use force. Under stress, this can become extremely difficult, hence the importance of repetitive, quality, realistic training. Over the past 12 months, we have trained over 600 people in all different areas of self-defense as well as certifying others to become NRA Instructors. I hope this blog finds you all well. This 1st blog post, is the first of many for years to come and we look forward to meeting more of you in the near future, whether to teach, to learn from, to shoot with, or just to shoot the breeze and enjoy a like-minded conversation. Stay aware and stay safe! -E

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