IDS Methodology on safety

1st, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Stay Safe and please pray for all the troops and families that make sacrifices all year long but especially around the Holidays!

IDS, llc Methodology on safety:
Safety is a mindset, not a lever on a firearm, the NRA defines a safety on a firearm “as a mechanical device that can fail.” and I must agree, the only true safety is between our ears. Safety consists of many important rules that must ALWAYS be followed to prevent negligence, injury, and or death.
One of the most important things to instill in your gun handling practice/training is keeping your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard, straight along with the frame until you have your sights on the target/threat and you intend to shoot, and always keeping the gun pointed in safe direction whether loaded or unloaded. You should never point a firearm at anyone unless you intend to use it. (Never muzzle anyone or anything you are not prepared to destroy)

These safety rules must be applied immediately, from the time, you first pick up the firearm until you stow it. When you learn to shoot; you must create safe muscle memory by practicing safely so that you do not instill poor habits which could later cause negligence to yourself or others.
They say that it takes 1,000 repetitions to form a habit (good or bad) and that it takes twice that amount (2,000 reps) to break a habit already formed.