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Review Originally Posted on Google Reviews in 2/2016 by Josh Schaff, after taking the Multi State Concealed Carry Course

“I took the multi state Utah CCL class in January. I was pleased with the concise yet informative presentation. Evan has a straightforward / no bs presentation that gives you what you need to know. He was willing to provide the time for the Florida shooting qualification at his range at no additional cost which was unexpected and appreciated. Solid business, I will look to take training with thus group in the future.”

Review Originally Posted on Google Reviews in 1/2016 by George Phillips, after taking the Multi State Concealed Carry Course

“I took the Multi-State Firearm Safety Course on Jan 17. I’ve been shooting most of my life, so I thought it would just be a formality in order to fulfill the requirements for the Utah CFP. As it turns out, I learned a LOT. This was a great class, and the instructor was very knowledgeable. I’m actually looking at taking a couple other classes now (CFD and FHDH)!
Regardless of your past experience level, I would recommend taking this class!”

Review Originally Posted on Google Reviews in 1/2016 by Bob Tyskowski, after taking the 2 day Dynamic Focus Shooting Course

“Completed the eight hour Combat Focus Shooting course and and finally I have a handle on my shooting abilities, know the areas I need to work on and what it requires to safely and effectively carry a firearm. Evan and Derrick will train you in studied and proven techniques that will heighten your awareness and build your confidence in ways you never imagined. I recommend this course for anyone that carries either open or ccw. You’ll be glad you did!

Just completed 2 day Dynamic Focus Shooting course (yes name has been updated) and all I can say is that it is 1 day on steroids! You have the opportunity to peel away more layers and expose strengths and weaknesses you were not aware of. Speed AND Balance. Evan continues to impress with his knowledgeable, concise and all seeing teaching style. (barely pulled finger off frame and he nailed me!) If you carry or just would like to get more proficient with your hand gun – this is the only course (1 or 2 day) for you!”

Review Originally Posted on Google Reviews in 5/2015 by George Sweazey, after taking the 2 day Dynamic Focus Shooting Course

“I just finished a two-day Dynamic Focus Shooting/CFS course taught by Evan Carson at Innovative Defensive Solutions in King George, VA. After I finished the course I asked him for some names at I.C.E so I could pass on an instructor evaluation. To put my comments in context, I’ve done adult education for about 30 years. Part of that involved working with mid-level to senior level executives in multi-day leadership development programs. I’ve probably worked with 7000+ executives in various programs. Also, in an earlier career, I spent 6 years as the Program Director of the North Carolina Outward Bound School hiring and training instructors and teaching rock climbing, canoeing, caving, etc. So I have a lot of experience working with adults teaching conceptual material, but I’ve also had experience with evaluating instructors and with teaching skills that have a strong safety component. I sent Evan an email this morning and here’s what I said:

“When I teach a program I have the students assess me on “Value” and “Enjoyment.” On a scale of 1-10 I’d give you an 11 on both of those! Part of it is your mastery of the content, of course, but much of it is your style. One example is that you make it interactive by asking questions, you actually listen to the answers (unlike some teachers) and later you remember what we said and refer back to it. A second example is that you cut us some slack when we didn’t do something right (E.g., I know I forgot to scan and assess a lot more often than you pointed it out to me.) but you also pushed us on the important things”.

Also, in the verbal debrief at the end of the course, I thanked him for his help before the course in answering my questions and in helping me find a place to stay and even negotiating a special rate.

In short, this guy is great! I’d be happy to drive the four hours from Greensboro, NC to King George, VA to take another course with him.

George Sweazey ”

“I have worked with Evan and the team at IDS for a few years now and they have never stopped exceeding my expectations. I can proudly say that this group is part of the reason why I started in firearms in the first place and I am so pleased with every interaction I have ever had with them. They are everything you could possibly ask for in a training environment; incredibly knowledgeable and well versed while at the same time very friendly, encouraging, honest, and fun. They take what they do seriously, but they are never pompous or arrogant, and even though I was not an entirely new beginner, I still had lots of questions and they answered every single one, usually starting by saying something like “good question” or “let’s see what others in the room think”. The lessons are never dry or boring, they focus on real-life scenarios, and practical solutions that a real person might encounter, and they use all sorts of media, including video and audio, and lots of other training tools, including blue guns, laser pistols, and, where appropriate, actual firearms to make learning engaging and true. The IDS folks have been involved long enough that they know all of the myths and “stories” and they know how to not only educate, but empower so that each person that comes through their classroom has the skills to do for themselves and they understand not only how to do something correctly, but why it’s best to do it that way as opposed to another way.

These guys (and gals) do it all, from Sabre training, to beginner and instructor pistol or shotgun, unarmed defense, women’s courses, and everything else you could possibly imagine. The variety of courses they offer, the level of detail. and time and attention they take with each student, and the ability to choose so many different offers in a “one-stop-shop”, all at fairly inexpensive prices, is absolutely unbeatable. You won’t find another organization that operates the same way anywhere!

I have used IDS both for the Multi-State Utah CCW course AND for one-on-one live fire range training and I continue to use them and recommend them to friends and family of all experience levels. The courses taught me everything I could possibly want to know, in a fun and engaging way, and the instruction was interactive, hands on, and informative. With the help of IDS, I learned that trigger control and sight picture are the two most important fundamentals of pistol shooting, and I was able to shoot better after just one lesson than I had been with dozens of range trips prior to the help.

Do yourself a favor, before you look anywhere else, call them up and talk to them. Their customer service is the best in the business, and they will answer any questions you have and I promise you will end up taking at least one (likely more) of their offerings and you will be very glad you did.”

September14th, 2012, Noah V., Utah CFP Course, First Steps and Intro to Concealed Carry Graduate

” Evan and Dave,

Let me thank you for that awesome class on Saturday “First Steps Pistol Course”. I especially appreciated the IDS add ons at the end of the class. The IDS portion of the class was a nice introduction to the mindset and obligations of a carrying a concealed handgun. While I remain commited to obtaining my concealed carry permit, I now recognize that the “First Steps Pistol Course” was only an introdcution to the required knowledge for this discipline. Its almost a necessity to obtain additional training and instruction on safely utilizing my concealed carry handgun which I look forward to taking with IDS.”

Thank you again and all the best!

AUGUST 6th, 2011, MIKE M., First Steps and Intro to Concealed Carry Graduate

“Evan is an outstanding Firearms Instructor. His number one priority is safety and he devotes quality one on one instruction with shooters. His shooting skills and knowledge are extremely impressive and his professional approach to instructing is bar none. I have enjoyed working and learning from Evan throughout the years.”


“I signed up for Evan’s pistol course through the recommendation of a friend. I was initially planning on taking an online class, but after taking his class, I am glad to say I went with his company. Evan was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and taught the material expertly. He was very attentive to the class in answering any questions and provided additional examples/demonstration to reinforce the topics. The hands-on training at the range was invaluable and makes the class worth every penny. I have no hesitation in recommending Evan and IDS.”


“Evan is detail oriented, knowledgeable, extremely safe, and patient. He takes the time necessary to teach anyone of any age. There are no questions that he can not answer or will not find the answer to. Everyone should feel completely confident in using his services.”


“Last year, a group of us went to the NRA to learn how to shoot guns. Evan was extremely patient, knowledgeable and made us to feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend him for any type of training and wish him the best of luck!”


“Like Evan, I am an Eagle Scout and this is not my first time shooting. Evan is not just your average firearm instructor. He is a knowledgeable resource who is able to provide expert insight into gun safety and operation with justification. His passion for firearms is reflected by his own collection of firearms and involvement in the f…ield, which is where the most value can be realized by taking his course. Anyone can obtain a concealed carry permit online for under $100, but you won’t be able to hold a variety of pistols and holsters for comparison, nor will you get to improve your shot with personalized coaching. Evan’s course explores more than just the technical aspect of shooting, but also includes pro-tips about specific firearms, advancements in gun technology, and the latest developments in legislation. He is more than willing to answer any questions and work with you to make this more than just a course, but an experience focused around safety. A+. Would take another if offered.”


“Evan is awesome and is a very patient instructor. I was a complete novice and he took the time to teach me all of the basics. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in firearms instruction. The best part about him is that he clearly has a passion for it and always can provide helpful feedback to improve your skills.”


“A group of us took the firearm training class a few months ago and had a great time! Evan was our instructor and he was extremely patient especially considering three of us had never used a gun before. As you can imagine we asked lots of questions and Evan responded with answers to all of them. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter but most importantly he is passionate about what he does. We left that class feeling confident when it comes to handling a firearm. Thank you Evan for a good well done!”


“I took his concealed carry permit class a few months ago, I went in not knowing much about gun and gun safety and I felt like I walked out with a ton of useful information. The thing I like most about the class is that the instructor Evan would go out of his way to help and answer any questions I had. You can tell he has a passion for what he does.”