What is the NRA BIT Module?

All NRA Instructor training courses require this pre-requisite training course. This course is a six (6) hour classroom-only course, which covers NRA Policies & Procedures, Adult Learning Styles, Use of Trademark and Logo, LLC and Insurance Info. This is not a discipline specific module. It is the beginning of all NRA Instructor courses unless the course description specifically states that BIT is not included.

At the end of the BIT Module there is a test given. A 90% Minimum score on the BIT Exam or Basic Instructor Training is required. If you have already taken the BIT within the last 2 years it is up to the TC on weather or not they will make you retake the BIT portion. Most instructor courses include this unless specifically noted that it is not. This is a 50 question test.

Normally if you take multiple NRA Instructor disciplines from the same TC, or Training Counselor they will not make you retake the BIT once you take it the first time unless it has been more then 2 years.

Lesson Details

Opening Exercise (30 min) – Classroom

  • Complete pre-course questionnaire and registration card (back of card for one paragraph describing background)
  • State the goal of Part One of an NRA Instructor Training Course
  • Basic guidelines for introducing a speaker
  • Background of instructor candidates present
  • Introduce instructor candidates to the class

LESSON ONE (60 min) – Classroom

  • Importance of training to both shooters and instructors
  • NRA’s ‘Total Participant Involvement’ (TPA)
  • Eight fundamentals for training people
  • Purpose of NRA Basic Firearms Training Program and Instructor Program
  • Eligibility requirements, responsibilities, and personal qualities of NRA Certified Instructors

LESSON TWO (60 min) – Classroom

  • Function of a training team
  • Advantages of using a training team
  • Responsibilities of training team members in an NRA course
  • The ‘Buzz Group’ method of training

LESSON THREE (60 min) – Classroom

  • Required training materials for NRA courses
  • Procedures for ordering materials form NRA Sales
  • Characteristics, sources, and uses of training aids
  • Training aids which may be used

LESSON FOUR (60 min) – Classroom

  • The seven elements of course organization
  • Plan a hypothetical NRA Basic Course
  • Demonstrate cooperation and team spirit planning an NRA course with other instructor candidates

LESSON FOUR (60 min) – Classroom

  • Importance of using multiple senses in the training process
  • Steps necessary to teach a skill
  • Teaching principles and teaching methods
  • Use of questions in the teaching process
  • Using non-verbal communications while teaching

EXAMINATION (30 min) – Classroom

Take Trainer’s test: Score of 90% required for full certification


6-Hour Classroom

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